Success Story

We all crave success. We want to be close to it if not part of it, Every one of us has had a successful experience, but sometimes we don’t share it very well. We also tend to forget about our success. We miss that sense of joy, and end up underestimating our abilities.

Mia Hamm, an American retired professional soccer player, once said “Success breeds success.” Enjoying successful moments encourages us to do more. When we celebrate at festivals, highlight accomplishments and award champions we are carving these moments in our memories. We are creating stories shaping memories to recall later.

As much as we crave for success, we also enjoy good stories. Combine both, and you will have a very powerful engagement tool. A success story should describe the recipe of victory. Take the audience through a journey of satisfaction and fulfillment to appreciate your story and recall their own successful stories. Documenting your progress will help you to build the story content or back up a claim.

Having a good story is one thing—telling it is another. Many good or successful stories goes into oblivion and don’t get told. Before telling your story, make sure it is structured well. First, identify the reason for sharing it. This will determine what type of content to include. Second, identify the targeted audience. This should determine how much your story will resonate with them. Third, choose the right medium to deliver the story. This shall greatly help reaching your targeted audience.

Attracting fresh graduates as new employees is a good example of an organizational objective. A progressive career story can be the essence of your content. Narrow down your target audience to fresh graduates with higher level of career commitment. The the success story can feature employees with long-lasting careers, demonstrating the benefits of joining and committing to the company from an early age. The communication mediums here can be a speech in a job fair, a presentation at an event, or a short film in social media.

As a potential employee, the objective could be getting a job at certain organization. You would probably share a relevant success story to assert why you fit that post. The content of your story should show evidence that supports your claim. You need to Identify the stakeholders who will choose the candidate. Understand what they are looking for and build your story accordingly. the mediums could be your CV or the interview.

A simple story is easy to remember and tell. On the other hand, complexity limits impact and reach. An important element is excitement; your best success story is the one that others would like to tell for you. This happens when people find it exciting and interesting to tell your story.

Finally, be always ready to share your success story. Rehearse it if necessary. You never know when there is an opportunity to tell a story.

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